I know, I know... blue eyeshadow yet AGAIN! I had to use this palette though as it is toooo pretty! Especially with the green! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">
There's major catch up to be done with my personal blog. I am also re-thinking about the content as to what should be posted "here" vs "there". I think I will post the events of Japan here and just keep the personal rants/opinions on rea*l*ife. I figure my readers would enjoy some details of my experience in Japan! :)

Anyway, lemme get on with it... have a great weekend everyone!


SANA Pore Putty Base
MAC Paint Pot in Delft
NARS Persepolis Duo
MAC Femme Fi used as a highlighter
Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in Black
KATE Super Sharp Liner in Black
Elise Faux Lashes w/ Duo Adhesive
NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black
MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden
MAC Lipstick in California Dreamin'
MAC Lipglass in Bonus Beat


  1. dam you pull off the blu's so well.

    haha it's 3:40 am..just got home from the gym oh lord.

    I bet the sun is shining over there right now!

  2. GORGEOUS mama ;D
    I love the colors blended together

  3. What a pretty combo! Hey L, about milani color brilliance, how long lasting do they stay in the waterline? I have very watery eyes, so they don't last long on me.

  4. Soooo pretty!!! Your looks are always perfect~ I'm sure your makeup artist career will blossom!

  5. beauty: i think they have to be dark blues or almost green/blues cuz light blues make me look dead! X_x lol

    christy: thank u! :)

    jie jie: the milani does smudge on me at times and i think its cuz its so soft. it is, by far, my fav eye liner tho. i love how dark it goes on. i'm thinkin that i may have to put a base eye liner, like a revlon first and then milani over it. ill let u know if it works!

    fuz: thanks lady, i hope it does too. i need to make some $, im broke ova here!

  6. the colors look so good against ur skin tone :D

  7. you're really boss when it comes to choosing colours and blending!!! I R BOW DOWN TO YOU FROM DOWN UNDDAAA!!!

  8. looking beautiful in blue!! great blending <3

  9. Wow! so so so gorgeous... I'ma add ya to ma link list guuurl! If... I can have yo numba! LOL J/K!

  10. wow these colours look so good on you, i'm feeling the urge to check out that duo! i just wish NARS wasn't so expensive though...:S

  11. I just bought NARS Persepolis, and I'm blogging about it as we speak. I hope it's OK that I include a link to this post where you're wearing it - you look amazing!

    Please let me know if you want me to delete the link, OK?