What's good blogger'fam? I hope everyone had a well-rested weekend. :)

FYI - I've never done an "official" review on a product only because I never really cared to have a format. (O_o) I know it would be more organized for you folks that way but ima just show you the pictures and let ya'll know what I think soooOOooOOo here we go:

Just curled, naked lashes. **I've been using Ardell Growth Accelerator for about 2 months now and have noticed that my lashes are longer. :)

First coat is Covergirl's Lash Blast...

Here, I applied KATE's Wax Mascara... I noticed that it added volume and not-so-much length.

Front View
Finished mascara application with full eye makeup of the day

Both eyes (sorry for the blurriness)

Verdict: I haven't played with too many mascaras because I am more of a falsie type of gal (as most of you already know). I've always had a difficult time with finding a good mascara that is lengthening and does not weigh down my lashes. I can say that I like the brush-comb on this mascara wand and found that it was excellent for adding the product while combing/separating my lashes; however, I could tell that if I did more than two coats, massive clumping would arise. It just hit midnight over here in Japan and my curl has maintained. I am not sure if it's from CV Lashblast and/or the KATE. I will do KATE's mascara alone, shortly and let ya'll know. So as a recap... pretty decent for volume/length and great for the combing lashes while applying 1-2 layers of product.

Hope this was a decent review! Next up: PACKIN' FOR TAIWAN!!!


  1. L

    You just save me pocket! I was only this second looking at this!! Now I know that it is a comb.....I am going to walk away! ahaha


    Whats this tallk of Taiwan??

  2. Yay!! Taiwan!! I hope the weather is a little better by now.

    & yay for mascaras! haha. I don't see how you can use falsies everyday. But you're a pro at putting them on now, haha.

    I mees talking to you. I log onto Yahoo when I'm at work hoping that you'll be on, but no.. haha. I'll email you in a bit!

  3. your lashes look pretty good tho!
    i remember u showed a pic w/ ur lashes using some sort of mascara and i can see s big difference from before.

    eyeah i try to wear falsies if i have that extra time. I've gotten better at it.
    if i could i'd wear em everyday too!!

  4. oooh i was checking KATE mascaras the other day haha. thanks for sharing :D

    HAVE FUN IN TAIWAN woman...

    Hope we meet when you're back :D

  5. L~~ That's awesome, I'm excited for you about Taiwan!!! So cool you'll get to see your family~ I don't think things are much cheaper in Taiwan, but at least you can get many things that you can't get in the US. Japan has everything already though! hahaha.

  6. It looks FABU! Your natural lashes look great!

    Have fun and be safe in Taiwan! Soak up all that great family time!


  7. the mascara looks like it does a good job! and u have long eyelashes too... mines r soOo short... the masacara prob wouldnt work as good on =me =T
    have a safe trip to taiwan!! how fun!! r u goin wit ur family or just urself?

  8. Pretty decent review. :D I haven't tried any of the Japanese mascaras yet. You must be so excited to be going back to Taiwan! Can't wait to read more about it.

  9. nice! it looks like it did a pretty decent job, but i bet you're not so satisfied since you're so used to falsies. i really wanna try shiseido's lasting lift mascara. i saw a girl on specktra who used it and she said it didnt weigh her lashes down.

    hope you're having fun while the hubby is stil there ;)

    also have fun in taiwan! packing for babies takes forever though! lol

  10. Glow: I'm goin' to go visit my Taiwanese side of the family that I haven't seen since I was in 3rd grade! S'been a good 20 years!!! :)


    Jes: I'm goin with my lil man cuz the hub is leavin' this Thurs. on deployment.

    Kae: Hey mamaz! Yea, I should try Shiseido's too. I just hate wastin' money on crap that doesn't work. You know?! I got two more days with my man... I"m sad he's leavin again tho. And girllllll, the packin' business and gettin to the airport has been hell, ima have to check things in so i am not overwhelmed!

  11. wow! i love Taiwan!! so wanted to go but havnt gotten a chance yet :)

    the food over there seems yummy! :)) have fun there!! ^^

    i hope i can wear falsies like you do! fast and clean! :) but it's just so hard to get a suitable falsies here in Singapore.. dunno where to get those u used in your tutorials. T.T

    anyway! Enjoy yourself in Taiwan!! <3 Taiwan!!


  12. Fly Mama can you get the Mascara at Mitsuwa? I'm always down to try new mascara, but somehow I always revert back to lashblast because nothing else seems to keep my lashes looking decent!!

    anyways have a safe trip!! You're little man is sooo damn cute. Mix babies are always and forever cute!!! :]

  13. Emeria: Hey girl. :) I'm not sure if Mitsuwa sells it ma, believe it or not, I never even looked at Japanese makeup when I was in CALI. You can try tho? I hear you on your lashes being decent, I've only been able to use Lash Blast and the pink/green one.

  14. Omg that stuff look tioteee. But not on my skimpy ass lashes. Maybe the bottom.

    So ardell's really works???

    MAN i gotta get my bf's sister to send me some of freakin' japanese make up hahaha.

  15. No problemas girl! I saw your thumbmail and had to check out who that hot mama was! LOL. DO you model woman!!! And how the heck did you lose the love handles from the babie?? ;[ I'm skinny with love handles it's sad!!!

    How's life in japan though?? My bf sister's in okinawa at the marine base and she's always sending pictures of the beach and all these neat places!

  16. I was about to sayy..You take some model-esque ass pictures girl! And I do need a cbox ;[ I think you just enabled me to get one. I hope you don't mind me addin' you to my blogroll...i love your blog, you got great taste!

  17. OMG tell me about it! My lashes suck and what sucks even more is that when i put falsies on my eyes start tearing up like theres no tomorrow!!! SO then one side which is usually the left will look like crap that's why I don't even do falsies anymore :[

  18. yes i have been super busy with work. i need a day off or two -_-;;
    taiwan? can i come? :D
    ardell growth accelerator really works for me. it's good stuff.