Happy Tuesday ya'll!  :)  I felt motivated today after the gym so I decided to knock out a few video requests:  How I apply my foundation, how I do my eyebrows and Smoke Series w/ "Polyester Bride".   Here you go... enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions!  Xo!

Foundation - Items Used:

Olay Definity Eye Serum
Nivea Firming Lotion with Q10 Plus (as moisturizer)
Smashbox Blend Photo Finish Primer
MAC Foundation Stick in NC30 (as under eye concealer)
Everyday Minerals Foundation in Olive Light

Eyebrows - Items Used:

Maybelline Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
NYC Browser in Brunette

Eyes - Items Used:

MAC P/P in Soft Ocre
UD Ammo Palette 
*Polyester Bride for 1st half
*Oil Slick for 2nd half & lower lash line
Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner in Black
KATE Super Sharp Liner in Black
Japanese Brand Falsies w/ Duo Adhesive

Lips - Items Used:

MAC Lipstick in Tanarama
MAC Lipstick in Port Red
MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam I
MAC Eyeliner (used as eyeliner) in Teddy Brown

Face - Items Used:

MSF Duo in Medium/Shimmer for cheeks & contour
MSF Duo in Light/Shimmer for highlighting

Contacts Used:

ColourVue Glamour Lenses in Grey


Same look but softer lips using only MAC Lipstick in Tanarama + Lipglass in Naked Space 

Smiling on me = fatty cheeks! LOL
I love the ORTON-ISH feature on Picnik!
Ok, enough camera'whorin'... time for beddy'bye!  XOXO!  Be easy readers, until tha next time!


  1. Love tha'look, especially with the nude lips, gorgeous!

  2. My dayz! When you smile- I gotta smile too. the red lips shots are my favs - So bright and tropical!! Brightens up this gloomy crap weather!

  3. you look great with red or pink lips!! they both go well with the eye makeup!

  4. beautiful!

    i'm sure u get this a lot, but ur voice is sexy!

  5. Your voice~~~ I'm melting~~~ :]

    Love the grey blue, esp with your contact lenses!! :D

  6. nice post - I have the ammo palette and I never know what to do with polyester bride because it's so glittery! i'll have to check out the videos later, they won't show up at look awesome with the bright lips!

  7. you look really good in red lipstick! =) i like it better on you then the nude lippie. =)

  8. awwww i like it when you smile!

    i think the one with the red lippie looks the best!

  9. hmmmm what do your eyebrows say about you....

    i would say..................

    heart the vids woman!!!

    btw i found the place!

  10. thanks for the vid! i need to find me some good eye cream! you should have told me when F&F came along i could have CPed it for you and shipped it out to u when i got it! maybe next tim e;]

  11. woah! beautiful! that's why I bought the AMMO!

  12. lovee the tutorial !!

    are your contacts prescripted or u just by the colors ?? and where ? do u go to ur eye docter to get sized or u just go to a store get em ??

  13. nice videos i still needa do my brows better lol i love ur smile<3

  14. vianca: i wear prescription. you have to get that from your optometrist. i'll be selling them soon! xo!

  15. I can't thank you enough for these tuts hun. You are looking amazing as always. BTW, what lashes are those? Smiles & hugs mama!

  16. Thanks for the tutorials! Love 'em!

    What brushes do you use for each step in your eyeshadow vid?

  17. i use picnik too!! hhahai always love the nude lipstick on u!
    u always have the perfect nude lip.

    i think im gonna try an angled brush to do the rest of my brows. good idea.

  18. stylish: hey babe, they are a japanese brand lash, the ones that i picked up last week in bulk! LOL

    alexis: i'm glad they help! here are the brushes i used in my vid -

    MAC 266SE for brows
    MAC 242SE for applying P/P
    MAC 239 for applying E/S
    MAC 212SE for applying lashline e/s
    MAC 219SE for blending (crease)
    Target brand brush for highlight
    MAC 187 for cheeks/contour
    EDM Long Handled Kabuki for highlighting

  19. Yay!! Vid(s)!!! Whhooo... love ya mah sexy mama!! Missed your voice!

  20. jie youre too pretty.
    last time i tried falsies and they were quite alright :)
    how you been. miss you!!

  21. beautiful.
    - adore the look !!
    - loved the red lips <3

  22. i love the way you do eye make up. you make it look so smooth and easy but when i do it, it looks like i've got a black eye =(

    thanks lena!