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I know, I know... finally right?!  Holidays put me on pause a couple of times but it eventually comes for those who wait.  So here it is - good and right.  :*)

I received my haul from Eyeko on December 3, 2008 which included the original Eyeko Cream, the Tinted Eyeko Cream and the Strawberry Lip Balm.  I will be doing individual reviews for each.


Eyeko Cream
Create a flawless base with Eyeko's 3-in-1 Cream
Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.
Eyeko says: "To get that A-list glow skip foundation and use Eyeko Cream all over focusing on the eye and cheek area for lit from within skin."


I have to say that I really love Eyeko Cream used as a highlighter.   It is also great for an all over face shimmer.  

After trying it as a base/moisturizer (pre-foundation app), I found that it was best used to highlight areas on my face - just be careful not to use a large or thick amount as it will move placement on the skin.  I only dab a small amount right under my eyes, my cheekbones and the rim/tip of my nose.  It can also be used right under your eyebrow after eyeshadow application.  The texture is a perfect mousse that applies well in small amounts.  A little goes a long way and I can definitely say that this cream is right up there next to my MAC MSF in Light.  Best of all, there is little to no fragrance.  

Here's another look at how it looks on me as a highlighter (under eyes, front cheek area and nose):

Ps.  I've also used it to shimmer up my white legs for the winter!  ;)  


5 out of 5 - there is so much product and it only costs 5 British Pounds, which is equivalent to about $7 USD.  Definitely worth it, I think I'll have this for a good 6 months at LEAST.


4 out of 5 - I'm all for tub packaging but am not keen to screw on tops as it leads to exposing the cream to unsanitary conditions.  I'd love it even more if it came in some type of pump bottle but it IS basic packaging for cream type products.  I LOVE that it's pink, cute and girly!  


4 out of 5 only because of the packaging but the product itself is a five in my book.  Eyeko cream is defintely something I will use at least 3x a week!  

I hope this reviewed helped!  If you're interested in purchasing Eyeko Cream or any of their other products, here is the Official Eyeko Website.  

Be sure to enter code E136 for a free gift!

Until the next time readers!  Up next - Redken review!  ♥ ~L


  1. That just gives the prettiest glow. I love glowy cheeks on ur hot butt! Does is have a fragrance at all?

  2. Ooooh nice!!! I had my eyes on that product and i just don't know how my oily skin will handle it... BUt it look so gorgeous on u, so i just might get it now.

  3. Bravo!! Nice review!! LOL!! Very informative and with examples of usage!!

    *applauds* Lookin forward to your other reviews!! I still gotta do mine on the Naive Grapefruit Cleanser!! I <3 it!!

  4. oOOoO. I really like the glow it gives you!