Ahhh, who doesn't love lazy days?  Better yet, who doesn't love lazy days that include 5 packages from the post office?  Word. :"))

First off, I'd like to thank Mimi, KT, Francesca, Shara, Terri, Anne, OPM, Ryuukai... and everyone else who joined me today for L'TV.  It was truly a riot today... we went from makeup to adult situations to funny thangs to bein' harassed by a young dude/girl who insisted that I was a "bitch n*gga".

*For those of you who don't really know me but feel the need to secrete their negativity towards me... keep it pushin' with those comments, haterismS and jealousy.  I don't have high expectations and don't expect everyone to like me - it's just not realistic.  As much as it truly is entertaining... go kick rocks.  L is for LOVE. 

But my hood side says this (Thanks OPM, it's perfect...) - CUE MUSIC!  

LMAO.  Classic I tell ya!  

ANYWAY, onto more fun and light hearted stuff...  I was too lazy to really put on my makeup or straighten my hair...  It was such an easy breezy day so I just stuck with no falsies, a quick rub of mineralize skinfinish and neutral makeup.  Basically, a no'kinda'glam day!  Ha!


MSF Duo in Medium and Light
UD Ammo Palette - Chopper
Lash Blast Mascara w/ KATE Wax Mascara
Milani Eyeliner
Drugstore Brand lipgloss

For those who thought I had flawless skin - looky here, HUGE pores! (O_o)
Look how pale I am gettin'... Hand vs. Face.  LOL  Oh yea, flashin' ROCKS.

Lazy day makeup made me focus on my lazy lookin' hair - especially my bangs.  Time for a trim...

After.  Right above the tip of my nose.
A lil lopsided but styled for the most part... lol.  

Haul timeeeeeeeeeeeeee... jyesss!

Package #1

I ordered this on Nov. 24th and it got here Dec. 1st.  Amazing!  I like the cream but don't care for the powder too much - it smells funny.
Cream & Powder
Whadya think?

Package #2

I bought this off Ms. Erica.  She had two available and I thought it would be wise of me to take it off her hands.  LOL  Thanks Erica, it got here so quickly!  ♥
A rosey pink & I love how it feels.

Package #3

Go to and check the products they have!  They are havin' a Xmas sale with a bunch of stuff for 15% off!  I got Redken Active Xpress for my hair & Elastiderm Day Eye Gel.  I will be doing full reviews on them shortly! :)  But I have to mention that the eye gel has a Smashbox Photofinish type feel!  Lovin' it already!

Package #4

I got my Eyeko products so fast, it took only about a week!  I can tell you that I already love the cream!  I swatched both of them on my hand and after a little while, I checked to see how it looked - it has the perfect shimmer!  It's also so light and you don't have to use much!  For the Eyeko Fat Balm - it's so yummy smellin' that I seriously wanna eat it!  I will be doin' full reviews on these shortly as well!

Package #5

Yup - I support my own store and yes I PAID for them.  Look at what you're goin to see me modelin' next - Geo Honey Wings!
And here's the NEW SHIT - ADORE lenses from ITALY!  Coming soon ladies and gents!!  ♥

*Whoo'sah*  I've had an eventful day and am really tired...  s'time to hit the sack cuz tomorrow is goin' to be hustle and bustle too.  I hope ya'll had a great day and laughed at somethin' hilarious.  Don't forget to smile ya'll...
Peace. ♥ ~L


  1. Beautiful!!

    Dammit I wish Eyeko worked for me but it hates me and gives meboil sized spots!

    L got some BB Cream! L Got some BB cream - sing a long now!!

  2. Love the hair!

    and WOW, I BETTER get that BB cream. All the ladies are loving BB cream these days =)

    stay beautiful

  3. that was a good session yesterday. you should have seen me cracking up on my end. hahaha omg your laugh was so contagious too. and freakin mimi ... "willsu-ck ****" LOL. i cant wait to get my webcam and join the fun.

    hahaha man that song is soo stuck on my head right now.

  4. lol oh man that L tv is too fun!!!
    really had me laughing.
    i can't wait to get my webcam either Anne! lol.

    Willsu-ck ****

    and Star language.
    No one speaks star.

  5. Yayy L'egere!!! It looks really good on you L~

  6. BOOOO to me!! I knew I missed out on fun shit!! Damn hateraters!! Tell them to go suck on a egg! ;)

    Great hauls woman!! Ahh.. the L'egere... ENABLERS!!! Can't wait for my Eyeko... then I can tell ya how the Magic Eyeliner thingy works. Waitin anxiously for the in depth 3-1 review!!

    You wanna cut my bangs too? You do yours soo well! ANd whatever!! Your skin is hawt!! Your natural ASS is hot!!!

  7. haha last night was fun, just too bad i had to leave before everything was wrapped up :p

  8. Girl I can't wait to see you rockin those new contacts! I'm totally addicted now. And the L' know I'm a hunting for some more for ya babe! ;)

  9. ooh, keep us updated on those italian lenses! i'm really interested to see what they look like on eyes!!!

  10. GIIRL, YOU'RE GORGEOUS WITHOUT THE GLAM ;) but heey, have you ever tried Eyeko's magic eyeliner? SOOO fun to play around with, seriously.

  11. WHEE i wanna see u in those honey wingz [i'm still seriously leeming for them, why would i need to see clearly when i got gorgeous eyes like them XD]

    and too bad tat powder smells cos it does look pretty!

    love all your hauls!

    its getting cold in tokyo now, not sure how it is on your side [but we arent far i guess] stay warm!

  12. love your new bangs! mines looks awful after my haircut a few weeks ago.. im still waiting for it to grow longer lol

  13. Nice haul L [:

    I love your bangs & the way they swoop to the side. Wish my hair had as much body & bounce like yours. lol.

    Sounds like I missed out on some show the other night huh. Damn.. I was webcamming with my BF at the time you ladies were doing your thang on BlogTV. Ahh well, maybe next time. [:

  14. great haul!! and your bling is blinding!! =))

  15. i wish i can sport bangs like you do! you make it hot!

  16. puwahahahhahhahha

    i am still crackin up from last nights L TV session....



    'nuff said.

    I need to get me some of that LBC knock off cream. hotness.

    love ya fly mammal *hugs*

  17. i so love your fringe, it makes you look super cute hehehe...

    that damn l'egere bb cream been popping in so many stores in sydney. been contemplating to buy it ...

  18. l'egere, love that stuffff
    i'm jealous of how you can pull off these contacts so well! & i'm jealous you can wear contacts -_-; hahaha i hope i can see you in action one day!