This review is also long overdue, my apologies!!!  

Okay, well not really...

Why you ask?  Because I am in one of the best weather conditions to test this product out to the max!!!  It has been sooooo cold here in Japan.  Yesterday, it was 38 degrees all day with rain.  (O_o)  It's torture if you ask me!!!  I was also told by Yumeko that it snowed in Ropoongi!   If you're just tunin' in as a new reader, I'm from Cali and this whole Winter Season cold is a new experince for me.  Not only is it affecting my skin, but also my hair!  So with that said, here's my review on the following product:

Redken Active Express - Quick Treat


 Redken Active Express Treatment Styler applies fast, absorbs fast and provides heat protection to all hair types. The Redken exclusive Interbond Conditioning System in Redken Active Express Treatment Styler, delivers a fast-acting blend of proteins and fruit acids to provide resilience, body and shine in no time.

Here is my hair before treatment - washed the night before and air dried; my hair is naturally wavy in texture, coarse and thick;  it is very difficult to hold a curl up'do unless I apply mass amounts of product.  I HAVE A LOT OF HAIR.

After spritzing a semi'generous amount of Active Express onto my hair & initial smooth out - The curling iron I use is the Corioliss.  It is 100% ceramic and I have found these types of hair straighteners are the most effective on my type of hair.  As you can see, there are a little areas of waviness but I know it's because of my hair thickness.  The Active Express did a great job givin' me results the first time around.  At this point, I only have to go over my hair quickly and lightly.
After ONE spritz of Redken Active Express and a quick/light run through with the Corioliss.  
No more product applied at this point; just one last quick/light run of the Corioliss.  

I really like this product because after I was done, it also reminded me of the hair salon.  The smell isn't exactly pleasant but it is not bothersome either but it is definitely hair salon quality.  I usually use drugstore hair products like Loreal Fructis smoothing creme/spray and not higher end hair salon products.  I can say that the only item I use and consider high end is Biosilk Serum.  The negative thing about serums is havin' to use your hands to rub the product into your hair.  That usually leaves me with greasy hands so with using this product, it is very ideal and practical for my lifestyle.  Spritz, comb through, iron and go.  As you can see, my hair is extremely shiny, lustrous and sleek!  It's great!


3.5 out of 5 because it is a bit pricey at $19.99.  However, like the other beauty products I buy, I have a good mixture of high end products as well.  So the quality of this item is worth it.  I am use to spending anywhere from $3-$6 USD for Loreal Fructis but shell out approx. $11 USD for a small bottle of Biosilk.  So again, worth the quality.


5 out of 5 because it comes in a plastic spray bottle.  Easy to dispense and easy to take with you without having to worry about it breaking.  


4 out of 5 because of the price but that is only because of the hard economic times.  Other than that, this product is worth trying.

If you're interested in purchasing this product, you can find it at!  

Now onto my EOTD.  


NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Yellow
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Purple
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Black Bean
Ben Nye e/s in Aztec Gold
UD Ammo Palette e/s in Last Call 
UD Ammo Palette e/s in Oil Slick
UD Ammo Palette e/s in Sin
Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner in Black
KATE Super Sharp Liner in Black
Japanese Faux Criss Cross Eyelashes w/ Duo Adhesive

NYX Jumbo Pencils applied as bases & e/s applied in order.
Completely blended
Completed look(s)

That's all for now folks, more EOTD's on the way.  Good night from Japan! ♥ ~L


  1. I love your EOTD any day, I think you post easy to follow directions, and clear photos ( i LOVE how you post photos) thanks for the review as well.

    Stay warm! It's 27 F in Michigan..I know how you feel!!

  2. You're EOTDs are always special and this one is not different - I love the colour combo.

    Redken is pricey but I do like theeir styling products ALOT especially the Water Wax - need something to tame my mop!

  3. $19.99 is not bad at all. Especially for hair products. And the way your hair looks in the picture, I'd say it's definitely worth the price. Your hair looks good! Oh & so does your make-up! Diggin the color combo. I like how you do your outer corner, hella clean with that precise line! You go girl!!

  4. Hair is so shiny!! Nice~ I love the little bit of metallic purple on your eyes.

  5. luv your EOTD!

    RYC: I have thick hair, but because of the Biolage Tonic, it's soft, more manageable and not dry.

    You should try the product out, you can definitely feel the difference the first time you try it :)

  6. girl, ur hair always look shiny to me!!!!!
    gorgeous color combo on ur eotd. those lashes look so natural, are those the ones ur selling???? if so, i am gonna get me some, but i don't see a link to ur store.....

  7. Great review beautiful! When I'm out of my Chi stuff I may give that a try! I hate how Chi makes your hair sticky. What is the texture of this stuff before you iron? That eye is killer. Gotta get some more NYX jumbo pencils! TY! xoxo

  8. redken products are the best! i have to give that one a try after reading your review though! thx!

  9. Oooohh... you makey de hair SILKY SMOOTH?!!

    Gorgeous hair L!! And you know I feel ya on the heavy thick mass amount of hair on a persons head thing!! LOL!!

    Gawd.. Your color combos are soo effing gorgeous!! I have yet to use more then 1 NYX Jumbo Pencil at a time... FABU!!!

  10. wow ur hair is soOOo black!!! im loving it!! those eyeshadow colors goes well together.. im not good at mix n matchin =[

  11. that looks good! i should try some! u should try the lux one i am using, smeeeellls so good

    and damm girl ur blending skills just make me want to CRY! they are soooo effing good

    btw its still cold so stay warm! we should go hot baths dont u think?

    omg i sound like a perve.

  12. J: ur not buying shit from me, ima send u some. :)

    Yas: The texture is good girl, nothing annoying or sticky. my hair doesnt get sticky at all. i tried the chi one the last time i got my hair highlighted and i liked it but they were out so i get to buy it.

    wuz: don't be afraid to try two pencils at once. one on the inner and then on the outer! DO IT!

  13. your hair is so pretty and shiny!! i loves it! <333 and great eotd!

  14. i loooooooovvvvvveeee your blog!!! :)

  15. I love you tutorials. You make it look so easy!