This is for Ms. Kay, aka Purple Lipstick, since she expressed that she misses my FOTDs.   I had to do one for her! ♥

I know I don't post them often but it's because of work and my interests goin' back and forth to other, creative things.  I also try not to buy much makeup since I seriously have enough.  The last thing I've gotten is the MAC HK Collection and I still have yet to use them.  (>_<)  I will probably do a look on that next.  I gotta admit though, I'm eye'n some stuff from the Sugar Sweet Collection... mainly the MSF's and the Lipglass.  

Skin care is becomin' a priority as well but only after I use up the sh*t I'm usin' now.  Most of them are cleansers and scrubs.  I think I have to get a toner and moisturizer next.  Anti-agin' baby... someone is hittin' a milestone this comin' JUNE.


Anyway, here's the main course... 

I finally got my Acuvue Accent Style dailies that are only sold in Asia!  I love em so far, they are comfortable and let my eyeballs breathe WAY better than the yearly circle lenses.  It's what I need in my life right now...

Ps.  I am wearin' them in the FOTD.

 The packaging - I was told these are really expensive in Japan.

My FOTD...


NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Pots & Pans and Gold
UD Ammo Palette Last Call (middle) & Smog (outer) & Sin (highlight)
Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner Pencil in Purple & Black
KATE Wax Mascara
Shishem Faux Eyelashes w/ Duo Adhesive
MAC Lipstick in Pleasure Seeker
NARS Lipgloss in Harlow
MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Shimmer for Highlight

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Pots & Pans
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Gold
UD Ammo Palette; Last Call applied to middle
UD Ammo Palette; Smog applied to outer & Sin applied as highlight
Shishem Eyelashes & Milani Eyeliner in Purple (bottom waterline) applied
KATE Wax Mascara applied to lower lashes
Finished Eye.
Full (retarded) face.
Aight ya'll, I'm go relax HARD this Friday night... be easy.  ♥ ~L


  1. YESSSS!! I love your FOTD's your step by step pics are my eye make up bible!!

  2. GORGEOUS!! ANd pshhh... Milestone smilestone!! Anti age my arse!

    I love how you use the NYX Jumbos... I'm still trying to figure out how to use more then one color!! LOL! DAMN THESE HOODED LIDS OF MINE!!

    Yaay for Fridays off!!! Rest up and relax!

  3. your looks are always such eye candy. love the colors you use!

  4. The metallic pink is out of this world gorgeous. I want those lenses!

  5. i missed ur FOTD! :)looking great as always. :) and it's my 1st time to see those kinds of lenses. to they come in diff colors?

  6. wow those lenses are really different they look so nice. i wanna try them.

  7. forgot to ask, are they prescription ones you got? i probably won't get my hands on them but how much are they per box out of curiousity. thanks L.

  8. I use Acuvue too! I have both the brown ones and the black ones!

    Gorgeous FOTD!!!!

  9. Sex BOMB!!

    Your lashes look so luscious!!

    Thank you!

  10. So gorgeous! those contacts are really nice on you. they make your eyes sparkle.

  11. love the colors you used!!!

    I wish they'd sell those contacts here in the U.S. They look great on you :o)

  12. i've been a lurker for a while but i just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration in many ways!! :D i love how diverse your blog is!! :)

    and i must agree with the other ladies and say that you're a sight for sore eyes! :) and those lenses are gorge!! they look absolutely natural!

  13. seeee... THIS is the very reason WHY, I wanted NYX jumbo pencils so badly! and there she go with her dope eye works.

    thanks for never ending inspiration!!! ^_^

  14. i LUVZZZ those colors... what do u think would be the MAC equivalent? P.S. your skin looks great in the full face! ♥♥♥

  15. you do great looks using nyx jumbo pencils. :)

  16. awww.. nice! wish i could get my hands on those dailies!! hehe.

  17. hotness mama! i like ur eye makeup! xoxo

  18. Wow. It doesn't even look like your wearing any contacts. I like. [:

  19. yay pictures! You look beautiful as always? ohh when is your bday?!?!

  20. hey ya!! ure back doing FOTDs.. nice job L..

  21. gorgeous L!!!

    i am sooo happy u did a FOTD!!! it was missed!!!i like the contacts soo natural!!!
    anywho...i love it!!!

  22. omg i looooove this looook mamas!! && i hope you do a look from HK lol

    thanks for the post!!!

  23. I miss your FOTD's too. Looking forward to more.

  24. Wat else is there to say other than...beautiful!

  25. i love love love your FOTD's! please, post more :D and i love how you use the jumbo pencils as a base.. i never use mind! i'd better send mine to you, ahaha. then again i only have boring colors like white, black and dark brown :\

  26. You are just too hot!!! Your FOTDs are amazing!! :)

    I wanna try circle lenses someday :) They look soo nice :)

  27. hot as always! that pink shadow!!!..and your lips *2nd to the last pic*..dsl..*wink*..hahahaha

  28. at all my ladies, thanks for the love and again, my apologies for not doin' more FOTD's. I'll try my best to do some every now and again.


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