Happy Sunday fam. Just wanted to pop in and leave a short, weekend entry. ♥

I was fortunate to have a few days off last week and felt a little motivated to try and put on some eyeshadow. I was diggin' through the mountain of makeup I have and decided to use somethin' from FAFI again since I absolutely love that collection. Just in case you missed the first look I did, refer to this post. I used a different eye shadow base because I was shootin' for a more peach/orange look. Enjoy.


MAC Shadestick in Red Velvet
FAFI Eyes Quad #2
Ardell lashes #139 with Duo Adhesive in Dark


I'll leave you with two photos taken at the Bon Odori Festival held here today on Atsugi Base. I didn't bring the diesel cam because I wasn't in the mood to document in the heat. I'll have to take more detailed pictures next year since it'll be my last Summer in JP before I move back to the States. Sorry but I can't wait! (O_o) I am not a fan of this heat nor the bugs. I can deal with Fall and Winter but f*ck humidity and typhoons!

Here's lil man enjoyin' some Cotton Candy on a chopstick! LOL

Myself and Danni before we left the festival. We both had ITIS. XD

Be easy and enjoy the rest of your weekend! ♥ ~L


  1. loveeee the look :) your skin looks awesome! n i love the pic of lil man xD soooooo cute. and of course it would be on a chopstick, LOL!

  2. Gorgeous georgeous!!! LOL I know that didn't make sense! But it matches your towel! LOL! :) yay for FaFi!!

    Awww Lil Man munchin away!! I'm glad you and Danni had a chance to relax and enjoy life! :)

  3. Love the look on you! FAFI 2 was my first item from the Collection & I adore it soooo much!

    It's my go to palette in the summer time. I'm a sucker for orange eyeshadow ; )

    I miss you L, we need to catch up soon. I have something somethings in a box in the workshop preparing itself for you ^_^

    Think GOLD APPLE

  4. And maybe Chocolate EC, haha + other EC..and I don't mean Extra Credit 0_O

  5. You rock the look. You have great skin.

  6. At first glance...I thought the little man was munching on a massive turnip!! What a relief it is candy floss!

  7. this is such a cute loook! i should try to do something like that!
    i like how the orange ish burnt clay color goes with the purple.