Ya'll have no idea how much I love my new shoes!  I haven't bought a pair in MONTHS and when tha'man showed me these, I had to find a way to get'em only because they're listed on sneaker sites as bein' only available for Pre-Order.


I emailed the info to the homegirl Mayumi and her man David (you know, that dude with tha'supah shoe collection) and she told me that they had it in a store in Yokohama.  Before you know it, David and Mayumi were kind enough to take me there this past Sunday.

I struggled yo... long and hard.  I was only suppose to get one pair but eff man!!!  If it's only available here then what deee helllllll.  It's an investment!!!  RIGHT?!  LOL

Without further adieu, my new additions to the collection:





Long story short, I wanted the Hello Kitty figurine you see on the following box... 


Unfortunately, when you buy a box, it's hit or miss.  The rep. at the store was nice enough to negotiate with me and told me that I just had to buy a box at the regular price (roughly $4 USD) and if it wasn't the HK one, she'd give me the display case one but I'd have to pay $2.00 more.  Since I was in a f*ck it mood, I went with it.  BUT first, I had to do my lil voodoo with the boxes that were before me.  There were approximately 10 boxes and I decided to pick the third one in the first row (of 5).  As I was opening it, Mayumi was all hype... tryin' to "air" open it with me.  LMFAO.  She is effing hilarious when she gets excited.  Anyway, I opened it up and looky at what I got....

The MYSTERY BONUS Hello Kitty character!!!
My voodoo worked!

Here's a flix of the Reebok HK hoodie that they had for sale.  Didn't get this because the price of it was almost the same amount as the shoes.  Eff that.  *Sorry for the photo quality, it was taken by my iPhone.


I leave you with a photo of some of the shoes on display... fresh.


I love my purchases.  So count on seein' me rockin' a pair in CA/NYC.  (^_^)/



  1. Haha!! You said you were gonna get um and you did! LOL! Yay for David & Mayumi! ;) And lol "voodoo"! HA!!

    I know I'm usually a "black" color person, but the white ones are FLY!

  2. omg. I love them. I've been wanting those in white forever and seeing them with the hello kitty? I'm all over them.

  3. OMG what an investment. I always think of you as the sneaker QueenB, now these are beyond dope - ily the Hello Kitty character too. *drools* i need to get back into sneakers damn.

    -& how long have i been away from your page, your layout is sick..better than any I've done loves it. but i love you more♥

  4. flippin a, i think im goin to be searchin for these puppies asap :)

  5. I love you! I love your new kicks and I love your blog!

    Lots of love


  6. I like the reeboks more than the HK asics I saw online. I think it's the bow.

    Awesome you got the bonus HK figurine.

  7. Yea ladies, get a hold of them while you can. These are defn betta then the Asics that came out. I had to go a half a size up cuz they run skinny and I have wide ass duck feet. LOL. They defn look good on. I like how they aren't loud. For the black ones, you have to look a lil closer to see the detailing but the bow itself is icon/cute enough to know what it is! <3

  8. mama, you've got a few awards waiting for you on my blog. and I have to say it again, I friggin love those shoes.

  9. oolalaaaaaa woman :) i LOVE your shoe collection, ahaha. have you ever posted pics of all of them together?

  10. Love those bows!!

    And thank you for taking care of Wuzzy on her So Cal adventure!

  11. Aww that hoodie is so cute! I like the lil face and whiskers in the back.

  12. those are some awesome looking shoes! i love them! :)

  13. omg the hello kitty stuff u got r just too cute >_< i love it

  14. omg it's so cute! I want a pair....so it's not sold in US?

  15. aww, you got both pairs :) the bow is tooo cute on em! i'm partial to the black pair (i hate it when my white kicks get scuffed up) but the white ones are really cute!

    nice job on your voodoo to get the figurine you wanted :)

  16. Love the shoes! If I owned something like that, I would never wear it so it won't get dirty.

  17. awwww hello kitty shoes
    how cute

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.