Yumeko is a bad influence.  She totally enabled me (this time) while we were shopping in Harajuku this past Friday.  We started talking about quality of brands and that  resulted in me stating Yumeko's wide range of experience with cosmetics in general.  She's a veteran! (^_^)V  Haha.

I had mentioned in one of her latest posts regarding the Japanese brand, CANMAKE, and we chuckled about how most of their products are duds.  But this time... she showed me some lip gloss winners!  I couldn't pass it up, so I got the following:

CANMAKE Nudy Glow in #02 - Strawberry Whip
CANMAKE Nudy Glow in #05 - Honey Latte

Note: Yume said that "Honey Latte" would be one of the best nude lip glosses I'll ever find. 

Here are the swatches:

Top - #02 Strawberry Whip
Bottom - #05 Honey Latte

Here are the lip swatches.  Please excuse my dry ass skin and lips.  Damn cold weather.   No primer was applied before the product; I will do the lip swatches again with some sort of base and probably MAC's lip stick in Fleshpot.

#02 Strawberry Whip

#05 Honey Latte

Yumeko also stated that it has great consistency that is comparable to NARS.  I swatched them in the store and could tell that they were not sticky.  I'll have comparison photos up shortly.

Stay tuned! (^_^)

Happy Sunday from Japan! XOXO ~L


    its all good shit i tell u,you will thank me later MUAHAHA <-- evil laugh

    AND i will definetely be doing a post on how YOU enabled me [that will be my next post!!]

  2. I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE! Check your email mama.

    Gosh, those are really pigmented glosses.

  3. OOOOOOO!! now i wanna try :DD look at that pigmentation! dangitt.

  4. That Yumeko IS an enabler!! I bought two really great Agnes B glosses from her..and I LOVE them!!

  5. i really really like that honey latte! nice lips! hubba hubba *pervy-face*

  6. *kisses you* I really need to go hauling in Japan!

  7. Dude these look great! And no primer! The Honey Latte is a great nude shade for you!! WHoot to Yume & her enabling! ;)

  8. the honey latte looks great on you! :D well they both do :P i just like the honey latte more :P

  9. Honey Latte is THE sweetest name for a lip gloss

  10. oooo~~~ very glossy indeed yet not sticky??? even more amazing... I'm glad there are still winners within the CANMAKE brand coz most of the stuff looks so appealing yet... disappointing from most of the reviews I've read boo woo~~~ I mean who doesn't love (good) cheap cosmetics? HAHAHHAHAA...

  11. Seems like Honey Latte is winnin! Yumeko was right?! LOL

    Uinisan: I wore Strawberry Whip yesterday and indeed, they were NOT sticky at all. Pretty content with them right now! This is the first time I am using CANMAKE so I am thankful they are goodies!!!

  12. Oh my, Strawberry whip is simply gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches, hon. XO