Hey! (^_^)  Another fast post for ya'll!  Happy Monday from JP!

About two weeks ago, I received part of my order from Target.com.  I really wanted to try Loreal's Telescopic Explosion since I generally, only, use mascara on my lower lashes.  The pictures below will only showcase that.  Don't worry, nothing overly dramatic... you won't see my bottom lashes touchin' the tip of my nose or anything like that. LOL  I just figured that the wand would be a better tool, overall, when trying to apply mascara to bottom lashes.  (^_^)

I'll try using it as an all around mascara in a later post.  Enjoy!

The packaging.

Closeup of the wand.

The nubbin insert that you remove before you insert the wand.

Dipped once with product.

Before (nothing on lower lashes).

After (applied one coat and eyeliner).

See?  Nothing spectacular but definitely shows a difference on my non-existent bottom lashes. 

Overall:  The "power" of lengthening is pretty equivalent to the other mascaras I use and own (Cover Girl Lash Blast and Katie B's Faux Lash).  I do LOVE the brush/wand because of it's size.  It definitely makes it easier to reach my tiny lashes.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend!  I'm back to work full'blast this week.  Vaca time is OVA until probably Golden Week in May.  Stay productive ya'll!!! XOXO, ~L


  1. who would have thought tiny could be so good!

  2. Ahh see but you HAVE lower lashes! LOL! I have non existent ones! LOL! Looks good woman!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!

    Tiny but better precision right? I need to try this out too!! You have such preeeeeety eyes L.

  4. seems great! :))
    like the givenchy phenomenon eyes! ^^

  5. hmmm...this looks promising but is it worth buying another mascara? LMAO at the 1st comment? Who woulda thunk? Smaller is good?

  6. oOooo your contacts look awesome :) hahahaa. the wand is interestingg.. but.. i'm too cheap to go buy another mascara just for the bottom set :P

  7. OoO I guess it's the first time I can say a "nubbin gave you some oompff"

    I might just have to get me a nubbin one of these days *wink*

  8. why dont u use mascara on the top lashes?

  9. i might try this.. my lower lashes are so short. i find it really hard to get with normal mascaras~~ hope this works for me^^ xx

  10. @Vanessa M - Remember chicka? I use falsies most of the time so I don't need it! :) I just curl my lashes and apply faux lashes and then mascara the bottom to even in out.

    @kalai - Thats the same for me too (with using normal masc. wands for my bottom lashes). And for some weird reason, I do my right eye better than my left. (O_o)

  11. Hmm I've used Lash Discovery in the past, but I might give this a try. I've got no lower lashes either =(

  12. Hey ma...nice lower lashes. I bought this last week and I only use it on my lower lashes for the same reason. It makes my curl wilt when I use it on my upper lashes :(

  13. Très bon le coup du mascara, j'adhères complètement bravo