A special thank you to Ms. Jenn for sending me these to try! <3

You know the search continues!!!  Sorry if you're gettin' bored with all these nude/pink lipstick swatches!  But you can't never say I didn't warn you how serious I was about findin' the RIGHT ones...

Bottom packaging and product numbers.

Top of packaging; color coded.

Closeup of body packaging.

Low light shot of Soft Nude.

Low light shot of Baby Pink.

Closeup w/ flash - Soft Nude

Closeup w/ flash - Baby Pink

Product swatches in low light.

Soft Nude lip swatch w/ flash.

Baby Pink lip swatch w/ flash.

Review in short:

Lovin' Soft Nude vs. Baby Pink.  As you can see via all swatches, Baby Pink has a bit of sparkle to it.  It's definitely not a bad thing, especially after applying a thin layer of lipgloss.  The consistency is pretty creamy and didn't feel drying after 10 minutes of wear.

If you have any questions, lemme know!



  1. oooooh why wont nude lippy look that good on me?!!! LOL

    I love both shades bu the pink a lil more cause its just a bit more of a POP of colour!

  2. i have both too! and i feel ya on baby pink being to shimmery... soft nude is definitely more wearable everyday.

  3. Damn I didn't even want the nude color till I saw this!!!

    I think Baby Pink looks really great on you thugh.

  4. oooh these lippies are gorgeous!

    I'm really sensitive to smell & Ive had some problems with revlon lipsticks before. Is there any scent to them?

    Jess Mai

  5. I have both of these shades, along with Rosy Nude...haven't worn Baby Pink yet, but now I wanna try it out :)

    lol word verification is...wait for it...



  6. How is the staying power of it? I'm just entering another nude lipstick phase so I'm on the lookout for some to add to my collection.

  7. you better have a final post.. ALL the nudes you've tried.. with pics.. and what you think about them.. then your fav.. hahaha man that post would take forever :P

  8. I haven't seen these lippies from Revlon yet, but I'm loving these colours on you! They look amazing, specially Soft Nude!

  9. those are pretty colours! must try these out :D

  10. I loveee the packaging on those lippies, they're so matte and classy <3

  11. Both look great on you! They really match your lip tone! But you always look good with the nude lips! :)

  12. kooty: i'll test em out for you tonight and get back to you! :)

    jessica mai: the smell isn't bad but i know what u mean, im so use to MAC's smell that everything smells "bad" compared to MAC! LOL

  13. damn these lip colors are too cute....
    i love the shimmery pink one!
    i wonder if it would look good on my skin tine.