Happy Saturday!

I bought this a few months ago and finally opened in last week. It is currently being used as my night cream.  So far, it's been doin' a great job keeping my skin hydrated during this cold weather.  I'll have to report back after about a month's use to let ya'll know if I notice any changes in reducing fine lines + wrinkles.

Since I can't read Japanese on the packaging, here is the product description translation via Mihokoshop.com :

Moisturizer + Lotion + Cream + essence = Rosette Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Gel

How to use:

After washing in the morning or evening, take a pearl-size amount of this product, massage it on face for about 2 minutes.

Use a little extra if you have dry skin.

All ingredients: Water (purified water), glycerin (moisturizer) · BG (moisturizer), betaine (moisturizer), Macadamia oil (S skin protectant), Penchirengurikoru (moisturizer), jojoba oil (S Skin Protection agents) · PEG-400 (moisturizer) (Akuriroirujimechirutaurinanmoniumu / methacrylic acid Behenesu -25) Crosspolymer (anti-stiffness adjustment) · PCA-Na (moisturizer), hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizer), Sorbitol (moisturizer), serine (amino acid), glycine (amino acid), ceramide 1 (moisturizer), Ceramide 3 (moisturizer), ceramide 6II (moisturizer), Fitosufingoshin (S skin protectant), cholesterol (S skin protectant ), lauroyl lactic acid Na (emulsifier), Carbomer (hardness adjusting agent), xanthan gum (moisturizer), glutamate (amino acid), alanine (amino acid), lysine (amino acid), arginine (amino acid), threonine (amino acid), proline ( amino acids), ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), Phenoxyethanol (preservative)

And here's my product pictures:

I love the container, it's just Kitty'chan's face on the top.
After the product is gone, it'll be good to use to put all my earrings. (^_^)

As soon as you twist the cap off & put it aside, there's a lil scoop utensil + add'l cover.

What the gel looks like.
A little goes a LONG way!

Have any of ya'll used this?



  1. i have this too and i sort of love this product, coz it really keeps my skin moist.i use it in my daily skin care regime and i love using it alone and add a bit of blusher and i am all ready to head out.it leaves a protection on my skin which i love...i think u will love it too :) how much did u spend on this..i got mine from my friend who went japan for holiday.

  2. Hi Summer Darling: So far it's really great. Seems like it's going to last forever! I got it for about $13-$14 USD (I bought it in YEN).

  3. Its too cute ♥♥♥ love love hello kitty and it looks like a great gel cream! =) Can't wait for your review :)

  4. Cool they give you a little spatula! I would buy it just for the packaging! Damn the Kawaii-ness! LOL! But good to know that it works decent too!

    See it proves that HK makes EVERYTHING! LOL!

  5. i have this too and i love it! works really well on moisturizing my skin, i use it as a night cream because i find it too thick to use for daytime :D

  6. I've seen it n been wanting to try it but a lil scared cuz i have sensitive skin. n after reading ur post, i think i'll get it just for the packaging :P

  7. oh dang, container's cute :D and i don't even really LOVE hk.. hahaa. looks interesting! like.. yogurt. i'd probably end up eating it if i was too tired and not wearin my glasses, puahaha.