Happy Friday from JP ya'll.  I hope all of you are well. (^_^)

Last week, the ladies that I teach English to from my Wednesday class, had a belated "Girls Day" party.  Ms. Toshiko (left) is a great cook, she made all of us MOCHI PIZZA!  So you know I had to take the flix and share it with you all!


Left to Right - Toshiko, Kayako, Chiaki, Norkio, Kayako, Kyoko


Oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fo'sho!!! <3



  1. so you're an english teacher? but are you also fluent in Nihonggo?

    I wonder what Mochi Pizza tastes like...

  2. i never heard of mochi pizza~!

  3. Hmm never heard of that, but it seems delicious !

  4. Never heard of it, but using mochi as the crust seems interesting! And you know I'd be all up in that yummo looking food!!

    You have wonderful students L! :)

  5. omgg that looks sooo good!

  6. ohhhhhhh my gawddddd.. that sounds amazing.

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