In Japan, the school year begins in April and ends the following March. 

I started teaching at this Preschool around mid-February, last year, but missed that graduating class' ceremony (I probably wasn't invited that time around because I hadn't bonded with the children yet). 

The Preschool invited me this year and allowed me to take photos as well.  It felt nice to be included and I'm glad I got the opportunity to congratulate the kids and say good-bye.

One of the graduating classes (out of two).

Lia Sensei
She is one of the sweetest ladies I've met out here & speaks the most English.
She plays the piano so I gave her the "Twilight Piano Score" as a gift that day.  She has to play "Bella's Lullaby" & "The Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb" next week. LOL.

Gettin' into formation.

Down the stairs we go... you ready kids?

As I walked down to enter the auditorium, the Vice Principal of the school had me sign a book and insisted that I sit with the Japanese teachers.  I kept insisting that it was "okay" and that I could stay by the door (plus I wanted to take photos).  Total fail though, she escorted me to my seat and made me sit.  I did my best since I didn't have the mobility.  Here is my point of view during the ceremony:

The first graduating class entering the auditorium.

The second class...

Some of the girls accepting their certificates.  
The man bowing is the Principal.

I sat behind these two teachers.
They were very emotional.

The children below are the 5-year olds.
They sang a song to their graduating friends.  It was a "Friendship Song" and from what one of the teacher's told me, some of the lyrics stated:
"Bye bye friend, I will see you again soon".
It was a very sweet moment.

This picture says so much in my opinion.
The Mothers were very emotional.

The Graduating Class.

After the ceremony, the children headed back to their classes with their parents joining them shortly after.  They gathered the rest of their things, received their certificates and the parents socialized with each other.

Graduating Class #1

Graduating Class #2

They had a little "exiting" ceremony but I had to leave since I had to teach another class that day.  I'll have to capture that moment next year.


I forgot the name of these but I think they were some kind of Mochi?
It was delicious!

I don't really converse with the Parents of my preschoolers too much only because of the language barrier.  In the beginning, many of them tried to talk to me in Japanese and I had to tell them I was the English Teacher.  Now that a year has passed and they know who I am, they always greet me with "Good Morning" or "Good Bye".  And I think I am doin' something right because I received a gift today when I returned to the school...

A Burberry hankerchief from the Parents of the Graduating Class.

I thanked them profusely today and told them it was perfect since Summer time is coming!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!   XOXO, ~L


  1. awww this is such a sincerely moving post! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fab post! Reminds me of my pre-school days in Japan!

  3. Aww it seems like some of the teachers got very attached to there students, I like that, the bond there it's very sweet You never see that here or at least I never did growing up. Adorable, Great pictures!

  4. This was a very sweet post.
    One of my favorites!

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  6. awwwww!! what a sweet moment :) i forget how big of a deal K graduation is to the japanese.

  7. I wish I can be an english teacher too!!! the kids are so cute!!!

  8. aww that first pic is so cute! the little girls doing peace signs! LOL

    btw, that's really awesome of the parents to get u that spiffy prezzy... loves it!

  9. Aw L!! Those kids are adorable! And I'm so happy that you have some great sensei friends too! Ooh she's gonna play Twilight for ya huh?! CoolBeans!

    And how great is it that you're recognized by the Vice Principle! It just means you're a great sensei that everyone loves! :)

  10. aww the kids are too cute for words! most of the teachers must've been really attached to the kids...were you?

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  12. Awww they are adorable!!! <3

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  13. That's so different from where I live so thanks for this glimpse of elsewhere :p

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