Happy Mother's Day from Japan ya'll!  I'd like to begin this post by tellin' all the Mamas out there that you are incredibly special and super women!  Keep holdin' down tha'crib and maintain' the fam.  You are appreciated! (^__^)

As my tha'man is gettin' ready to leave for Summer deployment, I've been puttin' a list together on a few personal projects I will be working on while he is gone.  The photos below are the start of my "Black & White Portrait Series".  And of course, I am the first subject.  Here are my self-portraits.

Makeup & Photography/Editing by L.


"The Light"

"Head Strong"


"Neck Lines"


I hope ya'll like 'em. (^__^)  Now for the original, color, FOTD.  I love purple but decided to brighten it up a little with some magenta eye shadow.  I'd like to apologize though, because the flash washed out some of the color.  It was already late afternoon so I couldn't catch any natural light.


Oil of Olay Color Recapture
Etude House Magic BB Cream
Shiseido Brow Pencil in Brown
NYC Brow Powder in Brunette
MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose & Rollickin
Urban Decay Ammo Palette in Grifter/Last Call/Shattered/Maui Wowie/Oil Slick
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette Eye Shadow in Azalea (crease & under eye)
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Sin (highlight)
MAC Fluid Line in Black Track
K Palette Liner in Black
MAC MSF Light/Shimmer & Sculpt and Shape Powder (contour)
Japanese Falsies + Duo Adhesive
Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in Black
MAC Hello Kitty Pink Fish Lip Conditioner
MAC Concealer in NC30 (on lips)

Face + closed eyes.

Open eyes.

Have a great weekend ya'll!!! XOXO, ~L



    I'm excited for the other projects and the continuation of this series!!!

    and creme brulee wednesday!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!

    I love this look, you look flawless in both sets, but it's nice to see the purple msokey eye!

  3. HOLLER!!!

    these are my favorit pics of you....
    i love these L!!! damn your a mother id like to fuck!


    happy mothers day queen L!!!!

  4. love these! classic head shots :)

    if i could, i'd recommend a shallower depth of field.. f/4.. f/2.8.. whatever you can do. it really changes the look of portraits and i LOVEEEE shooting at f2.8 or even f1.2! smexy smexy. makes it much harder to shoot self portraits but hey, it's awesome. IMO at least.

    anyway, carry on! i love the idea of personal projects and it's super hard for me to take on proj of my own, i get swamped and tired.

  5. B&W.. color... either way it's STUNNING!!!! You know from twitter already how much I love these!! Like Sarah said, they're like perfect headshots!

    And the fact that it's all SELF-Taken! AWSOME!!

    Gah.. sorry to hear that it's Spudz time to leave again. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll be busy to keep your mind from it too much. ANd you still have PurpEC right?! >_o hehe...


  6. Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Y'all mamma's do your damn thing!!! I have only have a puppy and it's work!
    Your pics are stunning you model b!tch!!!


  7. Holy crap you are effing gorgeous babe!!!! And the colors used on your eyes are so pretty. No matter what I do, I can never get my eye make up to look like all you beauty bloggers'.

  8. These are some of the most gorgeous pictures! You have a really stunning face and your skin is flawless~ Fabulous blog!

  9. Ladies, thank you! I am glad you like the start of my series! :)

    Vanessa: Hey lady, thanks for reading! :) But foreal, it's called photoshop! I wish I had flawless skin! Thanks again!

  10. hope you had a happy mother's day L :)

    love these self portraits - the black and white really makes an impact!

  11. Absolutely are a beautiful strong woman L!! *hugs*

  12. HOOOOOLY! this is gorgeous! :] i love it!