What's good ya'll?  Happy Friday (early morn) from JP! (^__^)  Here's a quick post on a recent purchase I made this past Monday.  I went to Camp Zama (Army base) to see if they had Revlon's Photo Ready Foundation in "Nude" with no luck so, I ran into these:

Revlon's Scents of Summer Nail Polish in Orange Pop, Beach and Ocean Breeze.

Description on label:  Scented when dry.

Directions:  Shake gently & apply two coats.

Scents: To be honest, I don't remember how each of them individually smelled because I applied them all at the same time.  All I can say is, FLORAL.

Two coats applied:  Ocean Breeze, Beach & Orange Pop
I thought Beach would be more of a lime green color but it looks more yellow than anything.  You definitely have to apply two coats because one coat is sheer.

With a light backdrop for color contrast.

Overall:  It's been 4 days and the color hasn't chipped off, at all, on the nail bed.  Only on the ridge.  Not too shabby.  I'd also like to note that I put a basic layer of top coat.  I think I will try it with gel top coat the next time around when my nails are longer. 

I felt a little bored after so I decided to "KONAD" stamp my nails.  The following photos were taken from my iPhone so please excuse the quality.  (>__<)  I know the patterns are "loud" as hell but me likey!  (^__^)  Whatcha think?

Left hand.

Right hand.

Have any of ya'll tried the other colors from this collection?

Until the next time! XOXO, ~L


  1. Hot. I especially like the design on your curse finger of your left hand.

  2. oo lalaaaaa! love your konad :)

  3. Loving the Konad designs! You're gettin to be a PRO with that thing!!

    And the Revlon colors are so bright & metallic! Reminds me of sherbert for some reason! LOL!

  4. i need to check out those Konad Stamps, they look awesome

  5. Beautiful.. I love the turquoise and blue shades.