Happy Sunday from JP ya'll.  I hope everyone is doin' well. 

Unfortunately, I am still feelin' like ass ova here. (-__-)*  I can't seem to shake this cough that I developed last week.  I'm just goin' to keep up with the vitamins and green tea + honey regimen. Wish me well...

Anyway, I wanted to drop some photos I took this past Friday in Omotesando, Japan.  Some of my friends were kind enough to invite me to Apple Bum's Exhibition which was only open to invited guests.  The occasion?  Samples of their upcoming line for the Fall/Winter 2010.  Ima tell you now, there were a lot of dope pieces and even though I was welcome to take photos, I personally made a decision NOT to.  Why, you ask?  I ordered a piece for myself but won't receive it until October.  So by that time, I am pretty sure I will get a chance to see the finished line and all the items will be ready and modeled for photos.   So please - pause on that. (^__^)

But of course, I am not going to leave without givin' ya'll some photos...

As soon as my party were finished visiting the Apple Bum fam, I headed to two other exhibitions and took a few shots.  I loved how each designer was different.  You all know I love the urban, hip-hop steez but believe that my eyes and flava are wide open to everything else.  If it's tight, it's tight... and that's the beauty about fashion - makin' it your own or bein' able to (as the consumer) pick from the rainbow.  Ya feel me?

Store:  Another Edition, United Arrows LTD, Omotesando, Japan

Style:  From my observation of the pieces, it was "romantic outdoors".  I was lucky enough to meet the designer and I must say, she had some of the illest vests and jackets.  I loved some of the accessories she had created as well.

A shot of the main show room and the pieces that were on pre-order.
*That's the homegirl Maya to the right of the photo

Mr. Tatsu chillin' in the cut of the store.  I told him that he was lookin' real beach'CALI that day! Ha!

Macaroons that were made at Maya's restaurant - Mother Kukkru.


Store:  Authentic Shoes & Co., Omotesando, Japan

Designer:  Naomi Miura

Style:  Everything is 100% Handmade out of leather.  Mainly accessories & boots/shoes.  To me, it was a cross between Western cowboys & rocker.

 Leather bracelets/cuffs.

Silver/stone, skull ring.


Real brass knuckles - LOVE & HATE.



Silver rings on cones - HEY SHIPMATE.

Ms. Yuko checkin' out some unique umbrellas, ella, ella... (sorry, had to)

Jaguar umbrella up in this b*tch.

That's all folks, be easy.  I'm workin' on it as usual. (^__^)  XOXO, ~L


  1. how funnn! i love seeing the different fashions and people's styles coming through their creativity and work!

  2. macaroons!!!!!!!! those are HELLA GOOD

  3. HOpe you're feeling better now! Just try to get rest when you can, and keep up the tea & vitas for sure!!

    Mmmm.. them macaroons look good!!

    Love the skull ring! LOL! Everything is so edgy!

  4. the skull ring and love/hate knuckle rings are awesome...i wish i could wear more of my rings at work but they'd prob think they were weapons, lol