What's shakin' ya'll?  Happy Thursday from JP! (^___^)

I got the following lipsticks while hangin' with Ms. Yumeko about two weeks ago at Matsumoto Kiyoshi Drug Store.  I was goin' to just get one color but like I've said time and time again, you can never go wrong with havin' too many pink and nude lippies.  Especially inexpensive ones that have great consistency and color.  Below is a quick breakdown:

Brand:  Canmake

Price:  Approx. $8 USD.

Packaging:  Sleek, "rose steel" finish w/ "Melty Nude" embossed on the inner stick.

Consistency:  Creamy; mixture of matte + lustre 

Scent:  None (which I love)

Staying power:  8/10 in my book.  I was able to run around for about 4 hours without having to reapply.

I am definitely grabbin' a few of these and putting it in my, hoard box, so I can have it when I finally get back to the States!

Here are the pictures:

Product & Packaging

#02 Melty Nude & #03 Baby Pink

"Rose steel" casing.

View of product fully exposed in casing.
Diamond/jewel - shaped!

#03 in Baby Pink

#02 Melty Nude

Swatches L to R - Melty Nude & Baby Pink

Lip swatch of "Baby Pink"

Lip swatch of "Melty Nude"

Feel free to drop questions in the comments.  Be easy!  XOXO, ~L


  1. I love the Baby Pink on you! I can't wait to get them now :D

  2. OMG! I love canmake products! They are so cheap and really really good!! Love the nude!!!

  3. Oh la la Thanks for posting this! I saw these Melty Nude ads in the magazine and was really curious about getting some.
    The colours makes my heart flutter <3

    Have a great day!


  4. Melty Nude is a sweeet name! I love the facets on those lipsticks!!! FLY ME TO JAPAN flymamal!

  5. Sooo pretty!!! I wish they had canmake out here in NC!!! Lovely post!!

  6. both are very pretty on you! the way the lipstick is designed reminds me of Milani's lipsticks. they look like little gems =)

  7. i love the baby pink color!!! and you are sooo right! u can never go wrong with having too many pink and nude lippies! this summer i am on operation nude (searching for different kinds of nude lipcolors of different brands :))

  8. L!!!!!! thanks so much for this post!!!! these lippies look sooo amazing!!! i like the packaging, your colors choices AND the way the lippie looks like a prism :D i def want to hunt these down!! thanks so much for the post, mama!!! <3

  9. Those colors look so pretty! Canmake has some real great products :D

  10. i love it L!!! :) I need me these babies!! It's so pretty on you!!!

  11. I love Baby Pink on you. I also love how the name is engraved on the case..very smart.

  12. not many can sport nude pale smackers the way you do! I tried once - i looked like i was on my way to the morgue! :(

  13. now these look like the perfect nudes.
    -lmao @ Old Cow.

  14. Where did you purchase these? I searched them on Google & they're like $15 which is kind of ridiculous 'cos I could just get MAC

  15. i luv the #03 Baby Pink so much..
    even my sister! and then she flicked it from my collection haha

    i'm going to repurchase and thinking of another color~ #02 creamy nude or #04 Peach Beige

    canmake -melty nude lip is so wearable and pigmented~!