Hey y'all. Greetings from JP and Happy Chinese New Year! I wish the best for all you in the Year of the Rabbit! Go get it! (^_^)/

I really wanted to pop in and leave some kind of entry since my blog has been neglected for weeks since move preparations began in January. Gomen! I am still planning to put up my last Japan entry on Wednesday night. It'll most likely only be words so for those that miss me writing, you're in for a treat. I will truly reflect on my experience here in Japan. Hope you enjoy it. :)


Today, I had lunch with three of my ex-students that I last taught in April of 2010. Two of them, Noriko and Chiaki, I have seen pretty regularly since then. They both always made an effort to keep in touch with me after I resigned the class. The third, Toshiko'San, I just so happened to run into at a local market in the parking lot. I saw her car and waved her down like a crazy woman. She didn't recognize me and stared at me like I was a disease (she said it was because my hair was tied up & she rarely saw me like that)! Haha! Anyway, we all decided to have one last lunch together. (^_^)

I use to pass this restaurant every time I went to Yokohama Ya. I always wanted to try it but I always have a fear of going into JP restaurants where I don't know if I'm ordering something raw - I don't do raw food. This place serves raw crab meat so... (-_-)

Of course as I whipped out my Canon, I realized I forgot to put my memory card back in before i left the house. I truly wanted to kick my own ass because you know I love taking macro shots of food! What made it worse is that the restaurant was traditional so it had beautiful decor. Boo on me. First time it's ever happened, too.

So, all I can provide are iPhone 3GS photos and Instagram filters.

I hope you can feel the atmosphere and can taste the deliciousness regardless of the photo quality! I really enjoyed this restaurant and would recommend it to anyone who loves crab meat! (^_^)

Restaurant name: HONTEN








After lunch, we chatted, exchanged good-bye gifts and drank some coffee.

I'll take photos of the gifts later when I unpack in CA as I need to do them justice by using a real camera. (^_^)

Until the next time,
Xo, ~L


  1. Love this instagram doohickey. I DL'd it but don't quite know what I'm doing. LOL. Everything looks so freaking yummers in JP. I'm drooling on my keyboard.

    Your teaching job seems so rewarding. JP buddies fo'lyfe!

  2. Lady L... I got your gchat a while back and tried to email you but haven't gotten a reply. I hope you're well! Please write soon. I miss you -- it's been too long. I've neglected you horribly. kaye