Greetings y'all.  It's been a good minute!  I really don't have much to say (write) right now but I wanted to leave y'all with the usual drive-by photos. (^_^)

Ms. Josephine came over on Wednesday for a "Baking Day".  The baking agenda:  Fresh strawberry muffins (from scratch, Joey's recipe) and our first attempt at cake pops.

The muffins came out PERFECT.  Not too sweet with the right amount of strawberry & cinnamon flavor.  Sorry, not sharing the recipe just yet!  LOL  But enjoy the photos I snapped during the process!

The cake pops, unfortunately, were not successful.  The shape and form were decent but I was not satisfied with the taste (maybe because to save time, we went with a box recipe and also used pre-made frosting aka, TOO SWEET).  So, next time, we are doin' it from scratch and balancing the sweetness between the candy melts vs. the cake + frosting mix. 

Be back soon, be easy!!!! ~L


  1. You both did an amazing job! The cake pops look so PRO!

    I want to try the Strawberry muffins!

  2. I LOVE those muffins! They could go in a bakery window!

  3. wow those look amazing! I want some

  4. omggg i totally want those muffins! lol

  5. cant wait to see the results of your next attempt on the cake pops! the muffins look crackinnnn!