Happy Thursday y'all!  Hope you had a good day! ❤

This post is dedicated to my fellow beauty blogger ladies!  This coming Tuesday, January 24, I will be getting my eyebrows permanently done by Makeup Artist, Katie B.! 

Website:  Katie B. Cosmetics

I have been drawing my eyebrows in since high school and quite frankly, I am over it!  I was definitely not blessed with beautiful and full eyebrows.  Mine were naturally wild, sparse in some areas and didn't really have a shape.  Discovering a pair of tweezers wasn't exactly the best thing either!  I've over-plucked and was never able to shape my brows symmetrically so I am extremely excited that this will be a problem of the past!

Following are some photos of Katie's work, some of which I feel, absolutely benefited the clients overall look!

This client impressed me most!  Katie was able to take years off this woman!  Take a look at the before and after!  Amazing!

Impressive right?!  Please check out Katie's Facebook page for more of her work!


With this said, I am going to take y'all through the experience.  Come Tuesday, I will keep a photo diary from right before the procedure to a month after.  I hope this will also help some of you finally decide to get it done!

For me, I hope that my brows will look softer and a bit fuller.  The following are pictures of me from 2010 and 2011.

As you can see in the first photo, my brows were much thinner than how I do them now.  Although I no longer use a brow pencil (I use brow powder and wax), the defining lines still look a bit harsh at times.  I look forward to not having to do my brows if I don't have to!  One thing less to worry about when I am getting ready!

Stay tuned, I'll be back this Tuesday!  I'm excited!!!

X❤X❤, ~L


  1. I'm so excited for you! I was born with crappy eyebrows so this is definitely something I'm interested in having done! My mom just got her eyebrows and eyeliner done earlier this month in the motherland. lol

    I haven't seen how hers turned out yet, but I'm sure she's going to love not having to fill in her brows everyday! :)

    Keep me updated! Text me!!

  2. OMG! after clicking on the link steph posted on fb and saw the post of previous clients, i totally want mine done as well! i use to have 'normal' eyebrows till i discovered tweezers in middle school and went wild on em! sophmore/jr year i finally grew em out and i got itchy w/tweezers again and now i'm stuck with barely any left *tear* :(!

    i'd love to see the results of yours too :D

  3. Wow couldn't believe those were tattoos! It was my first time seeing brow faded tattoos and not the regular asian ones that are thin and harsh lol. My aunt had it done back home and they were very uneven and chola looking. I should show her this post! And i'm very excited for u can't wait to see the final look. :)

  4. I had this done a few years ago in Dubai, and I still have traces of the tattoo. This is a great thing for Asian brows!

  5. i love katie's work! can't wait to see how yours turn out :)

  6. Steph: That's awesome that she got them done! Especially for that cheap back in the motherland! Haha! My natural eyebrows are just... blah. lol I'll prob post an old high school pic to show the difference. I will text you!

    Marisa: Oh yes, I know about those tweezers! Haha! Nice and thin was how I liked it! I think my biggest gripe is that mine are short on both ends. Hate it!

    Katrina: Yes, show your aunt! Perm makeup has come a LONG way since the late 90s! My aunt had them done when it first came out and look purple/blue now, yikes! She said her eyeliner hurt the most though. I don't think I can do anything more than that!

    Jamilla: Wow! In Dubai? That's awesome, I didn't even know you had them done!

    Roxy: yes, she is an awesome makeup artist and friend, love her!

    Thanks ladies!

  7. oh i'm excited how it'll turn out on you! i'm sure it'll look beautiful! :) we asians have sparse, light brows >__<

  8. Ive gotten mine embroidered about a year and a half ago.. I loved it while it lasted, since its only semi-permanent. I have to go back and get them done again but $250 for about 6 months is too much. All I remember about getting them done was.. even if they put numbing cream, it hurt like a motha.....

    Anyway I wish this particular permanent makeup artist came here. Cant wait to see how yours turn out :)

  9. You're seriously so lucky, haha! I hope to get them done by her one day too. You know I wish I could be there with you, but boo at school! I can't wait to see you while you're 'healing' :D hahaha.

    She's gonna do you GOOD!

  10. Can't wait to see your results! Her work looks great!

  11. Lauren: Yes, we Asian defn have sparse light brows. I think I get annoyed moreso that mine are "short" lol. Thanks for visiting! :)

    Shar: Now I'm all nervous. LOL But yes, KB is amazing and does amazing work. I believe she said she will be able to travel maybe after a year or so. :)

    Joey: I think your brows are great as is, you have more than me!!! Haha. Shoot, but you should defn do it when you can. And you have to promise not to laugh at me when I come home lookin' all "serious" LOL

    Jillian: Thanks lady! I'll be documenting the entire thing since I have to go back in 4 weeks for the touch up!