Just a little preview. (^__^)

Brows are one day old. Still a little swollen, red/tender (especially the outline) and dark. They will fade and lighten from 25%-50%. I have to put Vaseline on them to maintain/block moisture and keep my hair outta my face. I cannot put any cosmetic products on them until they are healed. I will be touching them up in 4-6 weeks so y'all won't see the finished product until then. 

Don't worry, I've taken pictures & am documenting the process so I can share my experience for those who are interested in permanent makeup. Hope you love 'em cuz I do! Katie Bee is on point with her artistry!  Please visit her page and check her work!

Be back in a month or so for the full entry including before/after photos!

X❤X❤, ~L


  1. I have not heard of permanent makeup before. Sounds painful but you look so pretty.

  2. Girlie: Really? For me, I've known about it since the late 90s because my Aunt got it done to her brows and as eyeliner. It is painful in the beginning but numbs up afterwards. But I have three tattoos so I am familiar with the discomfort. Thank you!

  3. You have no idea how EXCITED I am about your finished post about the brows. I know we were both talking about how we wanted to get permanent brows down by Katie B. quite a whiles away and the fact that you got it done is awesome! I'm still trying to save and figure out how to go about it so your blog post about it is SUPER anticipated by me!!! So glad you're sharing the whole journey from day 1 until it's completely done with us!!! :D

  4. @Christiana - Haha! You remember that convo? No worries, I've taken pictures from day to day to show the process. I'm actually thinkin' about doin' the part two post as soon as the scabbing falls off. I am due back for my touch up in about three weeks. This entire thing is a process and I'm just tryin' to be patient cuz I want them beautiful brows! LOL XO!