Happy Hump Day! This rain and cold are killin' me!

Went to CVS to try and take advantage of their BOGO on Revlon's nail polish but no luck.  They didn't have the two I was lookin' for - Starry Pink & Facets of Fuchsia.  I'll check another CVS tomorrow.

But of course I didn't want to leave empty handed so I got three cheap polishes.  Two from the "Spoiled" line in "Ants in my Pants" & "Jewelry Heist".  The other was from Wet n Wild in 435G (which reminds me of Milani's "Disco Lights").  I paid $1.99 for Spoiled and .99 for the WnW.  Not bad.

What's bad, though, was the application brush on the Spoiled enamels.  Just all kinds of f*cked up.  I'll post pics of the brush later when I do the second color.  It's a shame because I really think the formula itself is nice!

There was no rhyme or reason today, just mashin' colors together! Ha!  Take a look, whatcha think?

OPI in "The One That Got Away"
Spoiled in "Ants in my Pants"
Wet n Wild in "435G" (first finger)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (not pictured)

I love how it's a deep purple! (^_^)

Okay, I know it's been a week since I said I was goin' to do my eyebrow post.  I'm laggin' like no other because I can't decide if I want to just show you what I have or if I should have the long, detailed entry for you when everything is said and done.  I have my touch-up appointment this Friday which means another 7-10 days of healing time AND then, maybe another touch-up appointment.  I probably won't get to do a finished entry until the end of March or April!  (-___-)*  It's also the reason why I haven't done any FOTD's.  Sorry!  I'll figure it out!

I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day!  Be back soon!

X❤X❤, ~L


  1. i love it!!! it's beautiful combined together! i have the wet and wild, but have never tried the "spoiled" polishes, booo on the brush not being good, but what you came up with smashing them together is <3!!! now i'll have to find that spoiled polish, totally enable ahhaha

  2. I love it! I'm borrowing it soon! :)

  3. you've been doing up your nails so sparkly lately! ^___^