This is what I get for not bein' clear & specific to the person that cut my hair about keepin' my hair length.  My hair was at my booty and now it's at my bra strap/nipple area. 


Oh well.  Good thing hair grows!  (No lie though, I was p*ssed off the day of)  Rawr!

So what's best for hair that's been cut too short in my book?  Curl it how I love it and most of y'all know I love my spiral curls!  You know I've been wanting to spiral curl, perm my hair since my days in Japan but that hair damage talk always stops me. 

Sigh x 2. 

Here's what my short hair looks like using my Baby Curlz Herstyler.  It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how on how thin/thick I want the curls to be.  With the pictures below, I actually did the curls thicker at the bottom and then thinner (more individual pieces as well) as I worked my way to the top & outside.  Apologies for the mediocre photos, I was too lazy to go grab the Canon so I used my iPhone instead. 

My bangs are lookin' crazy right?! Haha!  Ima keep it like that though, wild!  I'll be rockin' this look on Friday night (sis' birthday) but I think I'll opt for more individual, thinner pieces so I can be #MUFASA!  (^_^)  Yea... I'm lovin' curly hair right now! 

PS.  How dem brows look?  Entry soon, promise!

X❤X❤, ~L


  1. You have the best brows EVER! :) That's how they look!

    I really want to try out those tight curls! I have no idea how you are so patient!

    Happy birthday to your sis!

  2. Hahahaahahahha!! See when I saw this on the tweetside I thought.... MUFASA!!!! But seriously it's like Shirley Temple done by L... Very cute!

  3. How do you get your brows to be so groomed and neat??