Hola! :)

Lil man is back in school and I am really tryin' to crank out a few entries before the month is over.  I still need to post up a few reviews that I have saved on this thing.  My bad!  Haha.  Stay tuned!

If you follow me on IG and are a FB friend, you've already seen these! :)

This past Saturday was my cousin's Bachelorette Party.  We celebrated in LA; started off with karaoke, had Thai food and then ended up in Studio City at a lounge called Page 71.  My cousin had a wonderful time and actually made it to 1AM (that's the goal for us older women, haha)!  The theme was to wear a wig or hat so you know how I had to do... MUFASA!!!  That thang was HUGE!

Only a week and some change to go before the wedding.  I still have yet to find a dress but am going to look for one this coming Friday.  I did a makeup trial with her last Friday and she was very happy with the result.  I am so excited for her day!

Be back soon, have a wonderful Wednesday y'all!

X❤X❤, ~L


  1. awesome pics L! and the layout of your blog is so nice!!! :D looks so clean!