My DIY Ombre

Hola! Hope everyone is well!  I know I have been MIA but that's how life is!  Just tryin' to live and get things accomplished! :)

Nonetheless, I wanted to share my DIY ombre that I did last week. My hair is incredibly long so I figured if I did it and didn't like it, I could dye it back to dark brown and trim it but as you can see below, it came out pretty good!  I was afraid that the dye/bleach wouldn't lift the black since I've been dying it dark for the past 4 years.  I love being surprised. lol

This is after three applications of the following:

Clairol's Kaleidocolors (used blue first and then beige to neutralize) + 30 developer.  I will do one more packet of beige after I let my hair repair some.  For moisture, I am using organic virgin coconut oil.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at LENAARTISTRY@GMAIL. :)

Be easy y'all!


  1. Do you have any video or step by step photos? This looks so pretty!

    1. Hi Veranda! :) Unfortunately, at that time, I didn't document the process. :( But when I decide to do it again, I will!