L'Oreal Collection Privee in Doutzen's Nude 006

Hello, hello! :)  Just a quick entry to show you my current nail color!  I am a huge fan of nudes so when I find a good one, I have to share!
Since I'm on the comp so much, I usually like to keep my nails nice and short.  But since the holidays are here, I've been letting them grow some.  Of course, they eventually break because I don't have thick or strong nails at all.  It's quite sad. lol  In fact, my nails fan out when they get too long and curve inward.  It's so weird!

This color actually reminds me of OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona but is lighter and more on the mute purple side of nude.  I also feel like it's flattering for most skin tones.  You know how you find a couple of them at the store and they're either way too pink where it's almost white?  I always find that that's how they turn out on me so I have to find a shade that has a tinge of purple or brown.  The application is pretty smooth but you will need at least 2-3 coats to get it nice and opaque.

I'm lovin' it and it's affordable!  (^_^)  I made a small swatch video, have a look-see!

What nude colors are you using these days?  I'm still on the hunt! lol

Happy Friday, be back soon! xo, ~L


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