NuMe 32mm Magic Wand - Test drive on Joey!

Hello!  Here's a quick post drive-by since Joey is still getting her blog together. :)

This past Saturday, Joey came down to visit so we could get some holiday shopping and take photos with my Parents and Brother.  Since we were taking pictures and we had to get semi-done-up, she brought her new NuMe curling iron that she bought a few weeks ago.  I was definitely curious to see how it worked so I could compare it to the HerStyler wands that I still use from my days in Japan.

I love that the indicator shows you the heat level and when it is ready to-be used.  I am also glad to see that the heat protective glove actually protects and fits!  As far as the curling time is concerned, it was the same as the HerStyler.  And as you can see from above, the curls came out gorgeous!

I am definitely looking to get the same exact one since I do not have that barrel size yet.  The plan is to purchase it as soon as I get this haircut! lol  I did "try" it but did not get the full effect because my hair was still damp and it's way too heavy.  I will do a proper show and tell when I can. (^_^)

That's it for now, I'll be back soon!  Be well!

*Joey's haircut and color done by her friend, Thuy.


  1. Joey's curls look so good!! I want to get the NuMe curling iron now too. :D Let me know if you find any coupon codes!

  2. Her curls always come out so nicely. Yes, I want one too. It's time for a new one... I think its time to retire the HerStylers. Haha. When I get a coupon code, I'll let you know!