Finally cut it!

Finally!!!  After almost three years, I finally got so annoyed that I went to my local salon and got a simple, straight-across hair cut.  I just could not do it anymore y'all!

It was a nightmare combing my hair.  I used so much shampoo and conditioner.  Annnnnnd, I could no longer put it into a nice and neat bun.  It was always falling out because it was too top-heavy.  I'll miss the "wow, you hair is so beautiful and long" but I will not miss the neck cramps!

My hair is still long - about midback length.  I plan to go back to the salon in about a month or so to get a proper V-layer style.  I also plan to get balayage highlights.  Eventually, I will go lighter.  How light?  I am not sure but I think it's about time for a subtle color change. :)

For those wondering how my side-shave-growing-out is going... it's hard.  I think I'll blog about it soon.  I am considering getting extensions just so I can curb the urge to re-shave it again.

In other news, work has been crazy since the holidays are over and I've been trying to stay creative.  I am working on a few things, both on the blog and YT so hopefully by February, you'll see lots of content.  :)

Be back soon! xo, L


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