Hey hey!  Poppin' in to share the quick vid I put together with me using flexi rods!
I've actually mentioned them quite a few times on my IG but never got around to sharing the process. I know the video is a complete how-to but I figure most people want to see the results from usage.  But, I would happily oblige anyone who requests that I show how to put them in. (^_^)

I didn't use anything prior to putting the rods in - just made sure my hair was completely clean and dry.   I also put them in at night and slept with them overnight (which isn't the most comfortable, but I dealt with it, lol).  It helps to put a headband on to keep them out of your face.  

It's pretty easy and beats having to use any heat!  This is usually my 2nd method choice next to using a curling wand.  I'll have to do a quick video of using a wand, soon!  

Thanks for reading and watching! xo, ~L