Desio Lens in Creamy Beige - First Look!

Hola! :)

I finally got a chance to try one of my pairs by Desio Lens that I purchased mid-January from their Valentine's Day promo.
It was buy two, get one free so I had to act quick!  I will be back soon to do a proper review with pictures and video included.  But, I don't want to leave y'all too dry so here is some quick info about the brand and my buying experience!

Brand Name:  Desio Lens
Color worn in photos: Creamy Beige
Shipping:  Free and took approximately 2 weeks
Wear time:  3 months

As you can see, the opacity on these lenses are phenomenal!  I have dark brown eyes and these totally cancelled them out.  For the "natural look" part of it, I wouldn't say it's natural because I am an Asian woman and there aren't too many of us who have light eyes.  lol (^_^)  I will say that the blending of the contact is far better than many circle lenses I've tried in the past.  I may never go back!!!

Overall, I am pretty happy with them and I will be purchasing more colors when they have their next sale!  Weeeeeeeee!  lol

Be back soon, hope everyone is well!!! xo, ~L


  1. They're gorgeous lenses on you! Let me know when they have their next promo - I so want a pair!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Can't wait to try the other ones I got, too! :) Yes, I will def tag you on IG when they do their Spring promo!

  2. It looks so pretty and natural unlike freshlook lenses! Hope the next promo starts soon I can't wait to try their caramel brown color! :)

    1. Thanks Katrina!!! You should definitely get a pair, I love them!