Hey hey! :)  I'll be posting my nails and color selection every 2-3 weeks from here on out.

I really, really try to grow out my nails but my genetics don't allow it.  And they do this weird curl-in thing.  I have to accept that they will always be frail and thin.  *cries*  

I started getting my nails done mid-May, right before my trip to Hawaii.  I was going to do it the weekend before my something inside told me to get it done beforehand in case something went wrong... which did.  My first nail tech was boo-boo and I complained on Yelp so the owner of the salon messaged me and asked me to come in so she could fix it.  I haven't gone to anyone since.  :)

I love color but I am a sucker for nude-pink nails.  It's what I want to choose ALL the time.  It's classic and goes with everything. :)

I'm currently rocking the coffin shape as I like it better than stiletto.  The picture below is right before she applied the gel polish - don't mind my cuticles, they are crazy right now... I'll have to get them trimmed at the next appointment.  

Kiara Sky in #403 Bare With Me.

Love love love it!

xo, Lena


  1. Your nails look great! I recently heard of the coffin shape nails, I really am behind the times now on these beauty trends!