Hello!  I can't believe my baby is already a 4th Grader! Ain't he cute? 

Here's what my little man is wearing:

Hat from Target
Flat Top Monica Sunglasses
Air Jordan Tee
Shorts from Old Navy
Air Jordan 5 Retro - White/Metallic Silver
Skylander Backpack

Time goes by way too fast!  I was just reminiscing last week with old photos/videos and I can't believe how big my boy is getting!  He's practically at my shoulders' now in height and will probably be able to wear my kicks come next school year!  I keep telling him, "You're getting too big baby... you're gonna forget about me when you become a teenager!"  *cries*  But of course, he assures me that he will never forget me and that he will visit me everyday when he's an adult.  lol  Le'sigh.  I love my little bugga-boo.

Do you all remember when I first started blogging and he was only 1 year old?!  Have eight years really gone by that quickly?

Side blurb:  I know, I know... these days I am terrible at posting entries and reviews but seriously, it's so hard to find time but I promise I am going to try my best to bring more content soon.  I really tried to get back into at the start of this year but quite honestly, was uninspired.  I started this blog as a beauty blogger and now, I don't even know if I belong in that category anymore.  I still buy makeup but I am not like I was before.  My interests have broadened and my expression has changed tremendously.  All in all, I miss it and want to provide great visuals, video and overall content from my little space in the universe.  I plan to get a new iMAC at the end of the year - I'm talking about a 27" inch iMAC with Retina 5K Display - so I can get my photo and vid editing up to par.  I am super excited so please stay tuned!  But for now, I can only provide nice quality photos. lol

Back to little man -  He had a great first day of school and really seems to enjoy his new classmates and teacher.  I am just so happy that he came home in good spirits and wasn't too sad about Summer vaca ending.  Ha!

Will return shortly, I hope y'all had an excellent Monday! 

xo, Lena


  1. Your little man has grown up so handsome! Mama keeps him styling too. :)

    I need an iMAC in my life! #goal

    1. Thank you, Steph! :) He is definitely growing up! Yessss, iMAC are so amazing. I cannot wait to get it!