Howdy!  I finally got around to swatching the two Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes that were first available on their website in early August.

If you follow me on IG, I posted a little blurb regarding my experience ordering these items from their website the day they were released.  I originally ordered 5 - Adore, Desire, Romance, Flirt and Crush.  (All except one were available at that time)  I was pretty ecstatic that I got my order in and was thankful that I didn't have to go hunting for them.  As the day went on, I received an email notifying me that my order had been updated.  I quickly checked it and saw that I was only getting ONE lip creme - Adore.  I will not lie, I was pretty disappointed and sad but what could I do?  I called customer service and the lady said that CVS and Walgreens would carry them in September but it would be extremely limited.  She also noted that they will be restocked on the website but that wouldn't be until October or November.  Sigh.  I ended up ordering a backup of Adore and Lust since it was the only other color left.

I am definitely not disappointed by the two I have.  I love nudes and am always good with shades that are in the pink/mauve realm.  

Although I don't have much experience with liquid lipsticks, I was expecting these to be dry.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to try these with a base (chapstick or other balm to prime my lips) but I thought it would be best to try them as is and feel the true wear.

The packaging is definitely nice and sturdy and has a luxurious feel.  I definitely prefer these over the LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss packaging.

The applicator is really nice as well.  It didn't grab an excessive amount of product but what was on there was enough for my lips.  The tip is precise enough to define the inner corners of your lips and near your cupid bow.  (I do recommend using a lip liner, though.  None were used in the swatches below.)  The wand is also sturdy.

The consistency is light but creamy.  Lust (L) was more opaque than Adore (R).  Totally loved the scent as it smells like sweet dough!

Swatch - ring light and natural light from the window

Swatch - no ring light and dimmed light from the window

As I had mentioned earlier, the application is superb and I have no complaints regarding that aspect.  However, the product is drying if your lips are not moisturized.  Below, I let the product dry and it settled into my lip lines.  It would be best to prime before applying these.  Other than that, the staying power is also as expected.  I did the hand-kiss test and it did not come off.  (^_^)

I haven't eaten with them yet but I am sure that if I ate something greasy, the inner part would definitely come off.  I'll provide an update later!

Overall, if these became permanent, I would purchase all of them. lol  A special shout out to my blogger gals that I reached out to/reached out to me letting me know they would pick them up for me if they saw them.  I am truly appreciative!  

Hope this helped some of you decide if you wanted to try them or not.  You should definitely try at least ONE! 

Be back soon!