Hey hey!  I'm back with some more Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme swatches! :)

I was lucky enough to catch the restocking of these lip cremes before Milani posted that they were live on Instagram.  I was getting ready to start work and something told me to check the website.  I seriously got lucky!  The only bad thing was that Beloved, Desire and Romance were not in stock.

You can find my first post (and initial details and thoughts) on Adore and Lust, HERE.

Below you will find the packaging and lip swatches.  I opted not to post product swatches on my arm this time around.

Application wise, I also opted to put them on my bare lips with no primer so you could see how they truly wear out of the tube.  I definitely experienced streaks and patches with this bunch.

Crush - This was the first one I put on last weekend and I was immediately in love.  It's the perfect brown/brick color.  (Top - no flash, Bottom - direct flash)

Embrace -  I really love this color as well but as you could see, there is a little bit of unevenness upon application.  This is when I realized I had to work fast in order to get the color laid down correctly.  It may be best to use a liner to get clean lines on the edges. (Top - no flash, Bottom - direct flash)

Flirt - Such a beautiful, deep color but the most patchy.  You would really have to work quickly and use the applicator in one swipe.  This was my first time putting it on so I feel like it looks really bad.  lol  I actually tried it again (sorry, no photo) and it works much like Embrace where you just have to get it all right in one swipe and use a liner.  If you can do that, you're good! (Top - no flash, Bottom - direct flash)

I'd like to add that I think these would be great on-top of regular (maybe even moisturizing) lipsticks.  I'll try it out and get back to y'all. (^_^)

My favorite out of the bunch?  Crush.

I have the other three on the way so I'll be back soon with those.  Take care! xo.


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