Hello! :)  I'm incredibly late with the following product photos and swatches but, here they are! lol  

I purchased these a little while ago - back in late June.  I was surprised that the CVS near me actually had them since they are usually sold out of their blushes.  I also have Coral Cove from the permanent line but of course, I haven't opened it yet.  lol  I'm telling you, the makeup addiction can be bad...

Now that they are open,  I plan to use them to see how they wear on the face after foundation/powder application.  From what I could tell from the initial swatch, these aren't extremely pigmented and I don't necessarily believe that is a bad thing since I really like Luminoso Baked Blush.  

I'm still getting comfortable with doing FOTD's since I rarely do my face during the week.  I'll try to get some up on here, shortly. :)

Let's get to it - (Clockwise) American Beauty Rose, Awakening Rose, Blossomtime Rose.


Opened (natural light):

Awakening Rose 10 (natural light, flash, natural light):

Blossomtime Rose 11 (natural light, flash, natural light):

American Beauty Rose 09 (natural lighting only):

Out of the three, I have to say I like Awakening Rose and Blossomtime Rose best.  Blossomtime Rose is peach and Awakening Rose is a soft rose.

I also noticed that American Beauty Rose came off a little chalky.

Nonetheless, the rose design of the product is so darn cute and that makes me not want to use it. lol

Be back soon!


  1. Great detailed post! Love it

  2. You take amazing photos. Can you come here and photograph some of my makeup so I can start beauty blogging again? lol

    1. Haha! You take great photos, too, Steph! But sure, when I visit, I got you! :)