Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  Hope your Labor Day was restful and memorable!  I wanted to pop in and get these swatches out before it was officially Fall! (^_^)
I purchased these about a month ago at Walgreens.  There are 6 lipsticks, total but I only opted for 4 of them.  I passed up on "On the Ave" and "Celeb Sighting" since I already have plenty of red/orange lippies in my arsenal.

I rarely get down with dark lip colors in general but since these are so affordable, I figured why not?  It definitely doesn't hurt the pocket.

The product packaging is different in that it feels more luxurious since the black part of the casing is matte.  Think NARS packaging (hopefully they don't get that gross rubber-goo thing that happens after time).  The cap is the same - clear, so you can see the product and color.

Here are the swatches: (R-L) Coffee Buzz, Photo Bomb, Vintage Vibe, and Night Cap.  What's pictured below is with one swipe.

Lip swatches in the opposite order: (Top-bottom) Night Cap, Vintage Vibe, Photobomb and Coffee Buzz.

*Please excuse the lighting variance and blurred skin.  I am still trying to find the perfect sweet spot in my work room and the right amount of natural + artificial light.  Additionally, I am currently on a Retin-A skin regimen and my skin is changing and is super dry *sad face*.

As you can see, they do settle in your lip lines if you do not prime them (I did not).  I would suggest using a lip balm and/or lip primer for sure!

The ones I like?  Vintage Vibe and Coffee Buzz! (^O^)/ 

Do you think you'll try???

Be back soon! 


  1. I love them all. I will see if my local drug store has them!!!!